iPhone 11 Silicon Case Leather Skin Soft (GREY – RED – BEIGE – BROWN)

99.00 kr.

Super elegant and neutral  cover for iPhone 11 , The surface is coated with the leather skin soft.

This  cover for iPhone 11  is made of impact-resistant plastic, which ensures that it is shock-absorbing against losses and accidental drop. In addition, a plastic cover also counteracts common wear and tear and discoloration of the phone, which will otherwise occur in everyday use.

Furthermore, this iPhone 11 cover is  upholstered on the back with imitation leather with a nice leather texture. This makes the cover incredibly comfortable to hold and has a stylish look.

There is of course an opening for the speaker, the camera with flash, headphone jack, charger and the option to use all buttons while the cover is on.

Ultra Thin Phone Cases For iPhone 11 Leather Skin Soft Silicone Case.

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