Apple iPad Case 10.2 – 2020 8th Generation & 10.2 – 2019 7th Generation (BLACK)

129.00 kr.

Tri-Fold Case for iPad 10.2 (2019) 7th gen, iPad 10.2 (2020)8th gen

Extend the functionality of your iPad 10.2 further with this protective folio cover.

Whether you’re watching a video or drawing with your stylus on the iPad 10.2, the foil cover keeps it at your ideal angle, providing a more comfortable and productive experience.

Product information
– A handy iPad 10.2 folio cover with stand function
– Protects the device from dust, falls and scratches
– Thin and light so that your device is easy to carry
– Has two stand settings that ensure the perfect viewing angle
– Has precise tracks that support the tablet’s functionality